Project Bathroom: Fixing the window sliders.

After all paint work was finished, I wanted to try to see if I could fix up the metal strips used to guide the windows on. These are simple aluminum (I believe) strips that the wooden windows commonly found in (slightly older) Korean houses “ride” on with small wheels. These bars are rather badly rusted, especially because our bathroom is, for one reason or another, very prone to making things rust quickly.


I took the bars outside to our balcony and simply put a sander on it, to see if that would make any difference. I had no idea if this would help at all, but hey, why not. Fortunately this made an incredible difference. It took quite a bit of effort (and I went through two pieces of sanding paper — it isn’t really meant for this purpose after all), but the result was quite impressive. Sure the bars got quite scratched up but the scratching was very fine so it actually looked quite nice. The color difference was the most obvious though, going from an old bronze-like color to a silver shine. Great!


After this I installed them back in the window frame, using new small nails instead of the original ones (as they too were badly rusted and in some cases broken even) and voila. Looks quite nice.