Kitchen: Adding some light below the closets.

Most Korean houses tend to have rather awful looking lighting. You know the phosphorescence lights that make the place real bright but don’t really make it look good in doing so. Our home is no exception here.

The kitchen is particularly bad. There is a fixture in place in front of the kitchen closets that holds one out of two possible lights, as putting the second one in place would make it impossible to fully open one of the closet doors. Yikes.

To fix this, I wanted to install some lights under the closets, brightening up the kitchen itself without making the entire area an attention-grabbing beacon. We found some decent enough looking LED strips at Homeplus, so brought two back with us for this project. They had two different kinds; one looks rather unfinished and had a simple on/off switch. The other looks finished (frame and all) and has a “touch” button that, as we later found out, has three separate brightness modes.


We chose the finished looking ones but, to be honest, in retrospect I would’ve gone with the unfinished looking ones, as I prefer to have a simple on/off switch and the lights themselves mostly disappear behind the closet doors anyway. Oh well.


I used a simple cable strip from Daiso to both keep the cable from sagging and hide it (mostly, anyway). I didn’t finish it completely just yet, as you can see in the photos, but it’s fine for what it is now. You don’t really see anything unless you actively look up under the closets anyway.


I drilled a small hole on at the end for the power cables to go through. I made the hole big enough so that the small power plugs fit through so I didn’t have to cut and re-attach them. On the other side I plugged in both power adapters into a wall socket I placed there just for this purpose, which sits behind our microwave.


All in all it was very little effort to get these in place, and the result is definitely a massive improvement over the previous lighting in place. This light is actually still there right now, pending us figuring out what exactly we want to do with it. I’m ok removing it altogether, but we may want to do something else there at some point.

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