Project Bathroom: Primer time.

Now we’re getting to the real stuff! It’s time to put on a layer or two of primer, in preparation of the real real stuff. Sigh. Ok, well, let’s get on with it!



Painting is relatively straight-forward, so this was quite easy. Just time consuming, of course. Since this is the ground layer you don’t have to be all that careful, especially with the right pieces taped off and all, so this was really just a question of getting it all on the wall.



After letting the first layer dry overnight, we applied the second layer the second evening, and let this too dry overnight. The result was already quite good looking. While you could still see some of the original tile colors shine through, from a small distance the bathroom already looked incredibly different, being all white.


We also applied primer to the windows, as these will be painted as-well. Younhee also took this moment to apply primer to a small plastic cabinet we have, in preparation for it to be painted firetruck-red-ish.